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Make an impact through creative public relations solutions
and targeted marketing campaigns.

Meet Elana

Elana is a seasoned professional in the PR industry. She has worked in the industry for the last 15 years and has held multiple positions at several well-known and well-respected brands. Her experience includes everything from managing campaigns for restaurants and hotels to creating and executing social media strategies for influencers. She also has vast experience working with local and international cannabis companies, specifically focusing on medical cannabis dispensaries as legalization continues to grow. Elana holds a B.A. in Public Relations from Hofstra University and has worked in the industry her whole career.

What We Offer

Driving Conversations

We focus on connecting your brand to your target audience and ensuring your content is relatable and discoverable to provide solutions for your clients.

Building Loyalty & Advocacy

Once a consumer has purchased your product, now we would like to keep them engaged and connected to your brand.

We don’t want the lifecycle to end after one purchase. Brands should convert consumers to fans so they will advocate for the brand. It’s always been a saying that “word of mouth” is the best advertisement. We can continue to keep the community engaged through outreach digital campaigns.

Insights & Analytics

We will track the trends and buying behavior of your target audience to make real time decisions to better position your brand.
We'll consolidate specific data from your target audience and our team will create and effective digital marketing campaign for your brand.


Consumers are flocking to search engines now instead of using traditional media to learn about new products or to just help them to decide on what they really need. We ensure our client brand has a consistent brand messaging that will stand out from their competition and will drive consumers to learn more about your brand, service, or product.

Specialized Campaigns

Tier Pricing Available

Media/Press Kit Creation
Creating & Managing Online Newsrooms
Business Related Releases
B-Roll/Video News Releases (VNRs)
Letters to the Editor
Clipping Services
Social Networking
Ghost Writing
Tracking & Reporting
Media Strategy
Media Training

À la Carte Pricing

Media Tours/Press Conferences
Major Press Announcements
Routine Press Announcements
Feature Story Releases
Op-Ed Articles
Award Submissions
Speaking Opportunities
Expert Positioning
Analytical Reporting
Reviewing & Improving SEO Copy
Developing Profile Pages
Blog Development
Reputation Management


Our Brands

CBD / Cannabis

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